As it is a requirement of being an Incorporated Society, along with it being a condition of our various licences, everyone who comes into our Club must be a member or be signed in as a guest of a current member. Massé Incorporated has a range of membership options to suit.

Club Membership types

Massé offers three types of memberships which are Bronze, Silver and Gold. Listed below are the different rates and fees associated with each membership type.


Gold Membership

A Gold Membership is just $20 for a full year running April 1 to March 31.  Gold memberships can be purchased at a discount of $10 if you have either: A valid Student ID, Community Services Card, Senior Citizen Gold Card, or if you are under 18 years old (junior).
As a gold member, you will receive a full range of benefits including access to all Massé clubs and facilities, ability to sign in guests, access to Massé club social functions and automatic entry into a weekly cash prize draw where you could win between $500 -$5,000 every week!

An added benefit of being a gold member is access to club discounts, such as discounted table hire (during both peak times and off-peak) and discounts on selected cues and accessories. This membership also entitles you to enter into all club tournaments and leagues and be coached professionally by a qualified coach. If that wasn’t enough, all gold members get the chance to compete in Massé VNEA 8 Ball Leagues where the best players get selected to represent New Zealand in the VNEA 2018 World Pool Championships in the USA. If you are selected to play for this team, Massé will cover the cost of your flights, accommodation and entry fees. By purchasing a gold membership, you can expect to save lots of money throughout the year on club discounts. This membership is the best value for money and includes the most benefits.

For only $20 this is by far the best membership option available.


Silver Membership

A Silver Membership is just $10 and is available to anyone. This membership option is great for those who only play pool socially and would like to attend club social functions. This membership also allows you to sign in guests. A great benefit of this membership type is that you gain entry into the weekly draw where you can WIN between $500 – $5,000 every week! If a member purchases a Gold or Silver membership after October 1 each year, the membership fee is halved for the last six months of the membership year.


Bronze Membership

The bronze membership is a deferred payment option based on a loyalty points system. This allows members to sign up and accumulate points whenever they make a purchase which can be used to pay off thier membership. *For every $1 you spend you will accumulate 1 point. Once you have reached 50 points your points are used to pay off your membership. Once you have paid off your membership you unlock 2 extra benefits which are:

• Access to free coaching
• Entry into club leagues & tournaments (except for VNEA leagues & tournaments)

Club Membership Comparison Chart




50 Points




$10 / year




$20 / year




$89 / year

Club access and use of club facilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sign in guests No Yes Yes Yes
Access to club social functions No Yes Yes Yes
Entry into weekly cash draw (win up to $5,000) No Yes Yes Yes
Enter into all club tournaments and leagues Yes* No Yes Yes
*Only once you have accumulated 50 points, does not include any VNEA Leagues and Tournaments. No Yes Yes
Access to free coaching Yes* No Yes Yes
*Only once you have accumulated 50 points Yes
Discounted peak-time table hire* No No Yes Yes
Discounted off-peak table hire* No No Yes Yes
Discount on selected cues and accessories No No Yes Yes
Access to Gold-member-only benefits No No Yes Yes
A chance to represent New Zealand in the VNEA World Pool Championships No No Yes Yes
VNEA sanction fees paid No No Yes Yes

Membership Rates and Fees

Below are the different fees and rates associated with each membership type:
Membership Benefit Bronze Members Silver Members Gold Members Platinum Members
Table hire per hour (Peak hours) $10 $10 $6 $6
Table hire per hour (off-peak hours) $6 $6 $4 $4
Junior table hire per hour (off-peak hours) N/A N/A $2 $2
Able to sign in guests No No Yes Yes
Discounts on selected cue and accessories No No Yes Yes
Automatic entry into a weekly cash prize draw No Yes Yes Yes
Able to enter and play in club tournaments and leagues Yes 

*Only once you have accumulated 50 points

No Yes Yes
VNEA sanction fees paid by Massé No No Yes Yes
NZPBA membership and Regional Pool Association fees paid by Massé No No Yes Yes
Regional Pool Association fees paid by Massé No No Yes Yes

Membership Booklet
Download your Membership Application Form here and bring it into your local Massé Club to collect your Membership Card

Membership Application To take advantage of any of these membership options come into your nearest Club and fill out an application form.

Find our latest Membership Booklet here to find out more about what Massé has to offer, events and privileges